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Maharana Pratap Smarak (Moti Magri)


MAHARANA PRATAP SMARAK (MOTI MAGRI)-Near the southern end of the embankment of the fateh sagar lake is a steep hill  known  as moti magri. On the crest standing proudly against the sky-line is a large and fine bronze alloy statue of maharana pratap riding on his faithful horse,chetak. This was erected by maharana bhagwat singh.

Nearby are the remains of the old palace known as moti mahal which was  occupied by maharana pratap,s father, maharana udai singh, when he first came to live at Udaipur. Also there are beautiful parks where bronze alloy statues have been erected of hakim khan suri. Bhamashah, bhilu raja, jhala maan associated with maharana pratap. The sahelion-ki-bari, or gardens of the maids of honour,is situated below  the emakment of the fateh sagar lake. The original gardens, which were constructed by maharana sangram singh II in the first half of the 18th century, were damaged when a breach occurred in the embankment and the gardens were reconstructed in their present form by maharana fateh singh.the gardens cobtain ornamental lotus pools, one with finely sculptured. Chatries of soft black stone surrounded on all sides by foubtains, and another guarded by four huge elephants, each one sculptured out of a single piece of stone, which spout water from their trunks.

The fountains patter on to leaves and flowers and flowers and tinkle into pools to provide a delightful, cool and refreshing setting during the hot summer months. The fountains can be turned on payment of a small fee. They are cared for by the government of rajasthan. Visiting time morning 8.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.