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Freshwater lakes of Udaipur is one of the Udaisagar


Udai Sagar Lake is another striking lake that falls under the category of five lakes of Udaipur. Udaisagar Lake is located at a distance of about 13 kms in the east of Udaipur. The construction of this lake was started in 1559 by Maharana Udai Singh and got completed in 1565. Udai Sagar Lake extends to 4 km in length 2.5 km in width and deep to the extent of 9 meters at the maximum. Actually, Udai Sagar Lake was the result of a dam that took its start in 1559.

Maharana Udai Singh constructed this dam on Berach River, to ensure adequate supply of water in his kingdom. Dam at Udaisagar Lake drains about 479 sq km of the country and covers an area of 10.5 sq kms. It has a storage capacity of 23.4 milli cubic meter. To manage the overflowing lake during rainy season, one channel has been made connecting to Berach River. Today, the water of this lake is used in the zinc smelter close to Debari. The lake usually has plenty of water with the exception of lean years.

In 1573, Maharana Pratap Singh was invited by Kunwar Man Singh on the banks of Udai Sagar Lake to talk about the surrendering terms and conditions to Akbar (Mughal Emperor). The invitation was declined by Pratap Singh and he even insulted Man Singh. This incident led to the Battle of Haldighati in 1576. Later, Maharana Raj Singh conquered the army of Emperor Aurangzeb near the embankment of Udai Sagar Lake. People visit this lake to enjoy the serene waters of this lake.

this lake is still visited by tourists for peaceful  views of sunsets. The setting sun gives the lake fiery hues of red, which probably reflect the historic tussle by the banks of this lake between Maharana Pratap and Man Singh which led to the Battle of Haldighati.